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Hi there! I’m K.A. Erickson, and so can you!

5 Feb
English: Great Wall, China

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In this blog I’ll be writing about my travels, travails and the journey to becoming a published author. Here’s the blurbs about my 2.5 novels written so far:

“Nine Circles,” a YA urban fantasy/paranormal/romance novel, begins with 18-year-old Bryan feeling trapped in his hometown in the wake of his father’s suicide. While his best friend parties at college, Bryan is stuck living at home with his clingy mother and his suddenly-religious little sister Janette, who wonders if their father’s soul is damned. Soon after his crush, Liz, gets snapped up by another guy right in front of him, Bryan finds himself back at the railroad tracks with his classmate Diana getting mixed up in magic and together they accidentally open a portal to the world of angels and demons. When a demon attacks Diana’s soul, Bryan must journey through Hell to find a cure. On the way he befriends the treasonous angel Zachariah, struggles with his grief and secretly searches for his father’s soul.

In the fantasy novel-in-progress “Anthony Lau and the Fay,” a nice Stanford boy gets caught up in a world of Fay Folk who only appear to him in the form of the dead. After the fairy seal indelibly marks him, Anthony must voyage to the gateway between the worlds to prevent the apocalypse. But if the world does end, he hopes he’ll at least get a date with that nice homicidal blond girl, first…

In “Ministers,” a YA novel, Amelia Sharpton’s perfect Christian life goes awry when her church finds out that the 17-year-old boy Alex is dating their 22-year-old youth minister, Mark. When the homophobia at her church boils to the surface in a violent attack at Mark’s home, it’s up to Amelia and the sarcastic-but-intriguing pastor’s son, Jake, to make sure that justice is served.